Friday, October 29, 2010

'Cause I use film like a hipster

I've read a lot of photographer raving about how much they love film photography but even after spending the last few months doing mostly film, I'm still a fence sitter between film and digital. I get anxious really easy and film photography just brings so many anxieties, especially with B&W where I develop my own photos. Sure, when they do turn out good, they just feel so special but most of the time you're not getting good photos.

Yet with digital photography - it's absolutely everywhere. I find it really weird when a little year 7 boy is the official photographer for school events and is also in charge of the school's photography club.

I spent almost every week this term taking photos at bowling for a 'photo series' but in the end I wasn't very satisfied with them.

My friend is into contact juggling, so he makes a very interesting/fun model.

Ballerinas are also interesting/fun models, even if they're in a park wearing school uniform.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Long Exposures = Super fun times!

My grade recently had its Semi Formal on a cruise. The dining area/dancefloor downstairs was really crowded and cramped so my friends and I spent most of the time upstairs on the deck. I got a bit bored using flash all the time, so I played around with long exposures. Like always with long exposures, I got interesting results!

I spent all of last week at art school for Black and White Photography. It was super fun and tiring. It was a great experience spending the whole week devoted to photography and I made some interesting friends. The highlight was making massive A2 prints. That was really exciting! I'll scan some of my photos and upload them in the next couple of days hopefully.