Friday, October 29, 2010

'Cause I use film like a hipster

I've read a lot of photographer raving about how much they love film photography but even after spending the last few months doing mostly film, I'm still a fence sitter between film and digital. I get anxious really easy and film photography just brings so many anxieties, especially with B&W where I develop my own photos. Sure, when they do turn out good, they just feel so special but most of the time you're not getting good photos.

Yet with digital photography - it's absolutely everywhere. I find it really weird when a little year 7 boy is the official photographer for school events and is also in charge of the school's photography club.

I spent almost every week this term taking photos at bowling for a 'photo series' but in the end I wasn't very satisfied with them.

My friend is into contact juggling, so he makes a very interesting/fun model.

Ballerinas are also interesting/fun models, even if they're in a park wearing school uniform.

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