Saturday, December 18, 2010

Net idol? I wish!

A couple of years ago some of my friends and I were obsessed with net idols and trying to be one. This would involve us taking loads of photos of ourselves and editing the photos in Photoshop to no end, as if we were the hottest things out there. Here are some examples from our 'portfolio':

Looking back at this, I think it's rather embarrassing but also pretty cute. This was a time where whenever I was bored, I would just grab out my camera and take photos of myself (this is evident in the last photo, where I was in the middle of drawing something for PD class). This was also an awkward time of my life in terms of my appearance, with braces and an explosion of acne. I'd like to think that I've grown out of this and become a mature, not vain, lady but really I haven't. I still enjoy taking photos of myself (especially with friends!) and I still occasionally wish that I was some sort of popular net idol/blogger.

A couple of my 'inspirations' back in the day - Xiaxue and Tang Guo:

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