Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

Wow, it's already 2011. For me, 2010 was a good year. I became close(r) to some great people and while also maintaining pretty good school marks, I also let my creative side flow through art and music (not so much dance this year, unfortunately). Some of the highlights of the year would involve outings with friends (Kumcha and "Can you get off me please?"), camps ("Snakes on Plains") and the National Art School B&W photography course I did for two weeks. With my final year of high school now having arrived, I hope 2011 can be even greater and more memorable.

So for the first time, I went to the city to watch the fireworks. I was expecting it to be incredibly boring, waiting over 9 hours for the fireworks but surprising I had lots of fun as my friends (and camera) managed to keep me entertained for the whole time. We managed to find a spot that was shady, not very crowded and had a great view of the Harbour Bridge. One thing I didn't enjoy was the half hour queue for the disgusting toilets. Overall, it was still a worthwhile experience and I hope to go again in the future (so long as I'm not overseas).

Also, I was extremely disappointed that my DSLR ran out of batteries at 11:57pm. However, I did manage to get some decent pictures of the midnight fireworks with my camera phone (as seen above).

At that point in the afternoon, I guess you could say we were ever so slightly bored...

These boys hope to get top marks this year.

Taken during the 9pm Family Fireworks

To celebrate the new year =)

Also, I'm going try and do a 365 this year so please check out my Flickr and tell me what you think.

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