Sunday, August 21, 2011


So if you know me, you would know that I love photography. I would have to say, I love taking photos of my friends the most. We spend all these great times together and I get really excited capturing those times for us to look back on in the future.

Wednesday and Thursday, right after I finished my Trials, were spent celebrating Penny's 18th. She asked me to organise her party for her so I spent a lot of time and energy organising (throughout Trials) her 'surprise' birthday celebrations. It was hard figuring out what to do, when, where and how to get Penny to her party without her knowing. However, I have to say, it was definitely worth it. We (or at least I did) had a lot of fun just hanging out and not having to study (although we were still worried over how we did in our exams).

The two day birthday celebrations involved a classy ladies night out, sleepover at Penny's and a whole group barbecue. The 'classiness' of our ladies night out get ruined a bit by the rain but I still had a lot of fun dressing up and going out. The sleepover involved junk food, webcamming random guys from school until 4am, 'girl talk' and little sleep. Then we managed to spend a good part of Thursday just relaxing at a park - games, food, talking.

Hair moustaches 'cause we're girls.

Penny and her idols - Ohno, Seungri, KevJumba, Leehom

Killing Bryan/Martin.

The closest thing we got to a group photo.

I can't wait until schoolies.
I can't wait until the next time we go out as a whole group.
I can't wait until the next classy ladies night out. (Is it going to be right after HSC or for my birthday???)
I can't wait until I see you all at school tomorrow (although I'm not sure if these feeling are reciprocated)

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