Sunday, February 10, 2013

Straya Day at the Light Garden

After much last minute deliberation on the morning of Australia Day, a couple of my girl friends and I decided to check out the Light Garden at Centennial Park! In celebration of its 125th anniversary, Centennial Park had some outdoor installation art for the public to enjoy at night.

The lights reminded me of something you would see in a romantic scene in a movie. It was dark and harder to navigate than I expected. Luckily there were only 3 of us, or else we probably would have lost each other in the crowd.

The darkness made it even harder to focus with my manual focus lens. I had to use the markings on the lens and approximate my distance away from the subject. I need more practise with the manual focus!

I processed RAW photos for the first time (I've always been too lazy to process them). However, I ended up editing it like a normal JPEG photo on Photoshop mostly. Does anyone have tips for RAW editing/processing or know any good tutorials?

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