Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sandy's Ultimate Guide to Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum
A definite must-see to understand Cambodia's not-so-distant horrific past. Warning though - some of my friends found all the death too confronting. Not a place for the faint-hearted.

Chul Sek Killing Fields
Same as above. This place is especially great because the entrance ticket comes with an audio guide to help you understand your surroundings. It's about 30-60 mins south west of PP so it's best if you call a tuk-tuk driver beforehand. There's also a shooting range nearby, if you want to shoot a gun (from $50).

Central Market
The place to go for cheap and delicious street food and cheap touristy items. I absolutely loved eating the Vietnamese spring roll noodles, rice paper rolls and various deep fried goods (you can be full off $2-3). Remember - if it's been cooked, it should be safe. As for touristy items - make sure you bargain. I wouldn't pay more than $2 for a T-shirt or $3.50 for some baggy Cambodian pants.

Royal Palace (at sunset)
Make sure you check out the entrance towards sunset.

Riverside (at sunrise)
Do it.

Olympic Stadium (at around 6-7pm)
You might be able to watch a game of soccer. But that's not the real highlight. You must experience the Cambodian pop fitness revolution.

Phnom Penh Night Market
Shopping at the front, food at the back. I would go mostly for the cheap and delicious street food. Grab what you want and take a seat on the rugs in the middle. Note: it's only open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.

Next to Sorya Shopping Center (near Central Market), there is a really cheap and good karaoke place. It's about $2.50 per person for a room - unlimited time. It's also super clean and there's even a toilet inside the room!

Viva Restaurant
Quite possibly the Mexican food I've ever had - and it's only ~$7 for a main! You must have the chimichanga. I probably ate here around 4 times when I was in Cambodia - not enough!! Located by the Riverside so it's a nice location too.

Ngon Restaurant
$3 pho - who could say no! Their grilled pork noodles, coconut shake and pineapple fried rice (fried rice in a pineapple!) you must also try. Located right next to the Independence Monument.

Samba Brazilian Steakhouse
Brazilian all-you-can-eat churrasco... By far the most expensive meal I've had in Cambodia (including taxes and service fees, it's about $20 for lunch and $35 for dinner) but also by far the most satisfying. Such juicy meat. And the best pineapple I've ever had! Going for lunch is good if you want to be cheap, but there's a wider selection at dinner. It's located right next to Ngon and Independent Monument.

Amok Fish
I don't even like fish but this is one dish you must try! It's a Khmer cream coconut-y dish served with rice. I don't know where's the best place to have this but a lot of touristy restaurants by the riverside have it.

Burger King
There is no McDonalds in Cambodia, so Burger King will have to do if you have a burger craving (KFC isn't that great). They're not very common though. I think besides the store at the airport, there's only one more in Cambodia. If not, Lucky Burger isn't too bad.

Coconut Jelly from Lucky Supermarket
Go to the refrigerated area in the fruit section and get yourself some coconut jelly - straight from a coconut. So good to have in the hot Cambodian afternoons. Only about $1.

Eclipse Sky Bar (at sunset or night time)
Rooftop bar on Phnom Penh's highest building. Enough said. Cocktails are about $6 each.


Extra Tips:

  • When catching a tuk tuk, I would pay about $2 for a short distance, $2.50 for a medium distance, $3 to go to the other side of town. Unless going somewhere a bit out of PP, I wouldn't pay more than $3 for a tuktuk.
  • Be prepared for lots of street kids begging you for money.
  • Cambodians will always try to rip you off because you're a foreigner.

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