Monday, May 21, 2012

Food Adventures | 2

I only ate out a couple of times this week but Via Napoli Pizzeria was definitely the stand out. Such good pizza... Especially the corner - so much yeasty goodness! We split a metre long pizza between four of us for $15 each and being a group of small Asian girls, we had heaps left over. Next time I go with a group of four, I'll definitely get the 1/2 metre (which means only $10 each!!). The staff were super friendly and looked like they really enjoy the jobs. The owner is a third-generation pizza maker from Italy. Crazy!

On that same day, we also baked some delicious cookies, pandan chiffon cake (unfortunately I didn't get a good photo of it) and super adorable Hello Kitty cookies. Now I want to bake more!

Other photos I've taken over the past couple of weeks should be posted within a couple of days.

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